We are a Danish owned company, who deliver layout and high quality graphic services

What we do

We deliver high quality graphic work to advertising agencies and other media companies. Routine or complex and attractive prices. Our setup and server technology keep files safe at all times, ensuring easy and timely transfers.





Colour Correction


About Us

Minh graphic is owned by two danish companies – the advertising agencies Buchs and envision – since the beginning of 2005.

Today we have a team of 50 skilled people to take on anything from routine graphic tasks to more complex layout production and image processing.


At Minh Graphic, we aim to give our employees the very best working days. Commitment to the corporate social responsibility policy guarantees our clients we provide and secure our employees with the best possible working conditions.

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At Minh Graphic we take pride in our work and would not be successful without our passionate and dedicated EMPLOYEES. If you have got the right skills to be part of our team of creative professionals and the ambition to work in a fun and rewarding international environment, please contact us for an interview.


Minh Graphic CO. LTD
10th floor - Dinh Le Tower
01 Dinh Le Street
Ward 13, District 4
Ho Chi Minh City

Managing Director: Thuy Nguyen
Production Manager: Nhung Minh Thai
Chief Accountant: Duong Tran

Phone: +84 28 6251 5100
Mail: Denne e-mail adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.

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